How my time at Salford Business School has prepared me for a career as a Data Analyst

Updated: May 14

Having spent over a decade working at data analyst jobs helping various organizations become more visible to customers, I have realized that transforming a brick-and-mortar business into one that can operate digitally can increase the firm's profit.

Skills Required for Data Analyst Job in Johannesburg

To measure, track, and optimize such businesses, I have had to learn many skills, including data mining, data cleaning, analyses in Excel, data presentation using Tableau and Power BI, and data tracking using Google Analytics and Tag Manager, among others as are currently required in my data analyst job in Johannesburg.

A Data Analyst Salary in Johannesburg Depends on Skills
A Data Analyst Salary in Johannesburg Depends on Skills

Since joining the Digital Business Master's degree program at Salford, I have developed many other advanced skills in business management, digital transformation, and marketing to fit into any data analyst job in Cape Town or anywhere else in South Africa and beyond.

How To Increase Data Analyst Salary in Johannesburg and Cape Town

While studying for the degree and learning about digital maturity, researching deeply into dozens of tools, software applications, and other advanced technology,

I have concluded that knowing how to crunch numbers and present insights via visualization tools is not enough; I must be able to provide prescriptive solutions to different business functions. I have realized that this is the key to competing favorably for a higher data analyst salary in Cape Town.

From Data Analyst Job in South Africa to Global Business Intelligence Expert

A Data Analyst Job in South Africa is Demanding
A Data Analyst Job in South Africa is Demanding

I now have a better purpose in life in the sense that I can seamlessly merge the necessary technical expertise in my day-to-day data analyst job with the business management needs of my clients.

In other words, I will not just analyze numbers and present dynamic visualizations anymore but also predict and prescribe practicable business solutions to my clients. Indeed, my time at Salford has added value, meaning I can earn a higher data analyst salary in South Africa or anywhere else.

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